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Bedoroses Cattery is located in northern Texas just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We do not ship pet kittens and prefer to meet all potential kitten buying families. Breeder and show kittens available to select showing homes only.


At this time we have NO cats available and we are no longer breeding. 

If you are interested in any of these older kittens please email Bedoroses Cattery or fill out our kitten inquiry form for more information. When emailing please tell me your location, what you are looking for, your phone number and something about yourself and the home you will be providing for a new kitten. Our first concern is to find the best home possible for our kittens and cats. If you are that home we will work with you on the price of the kittens.

We are no longer breeding.

 Bedoroses Quincy Jeffrey - "Quincy"
 Blue Point
Click here to see more pics of Quincy.


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